Serena Williams is an Energy Queen

If you watched Wimbledon this week, you would have witnessed a true Energy Queen in action. The story book ending would have ended with Serena Williams winning the tournament and twirling her way around the court and accepting the large gold plate and gracefully congratulating her opponent.     As much as we wanted this to be true, real life situations don’t typically have fairy tale endings, but the completion of this tournament was for me a demonstration of a true energy Queen in action. Serena is a living example of someone who has figured out how to access her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual power so that she can do her work in the world.  

In case you are not a tennis fan, Serena Williams is 36 years old and has won the second most women’s singles titles with 23 Majors.  Serena won the Australian Open while she was two months pregnant. She returned to competition after giving birth to her daughter in September, after having suffered complications from her cesarean section including a pulmonary embolism. Ten months later, after finding herself ranked 181 in the world, she worked her way to the finals.

I along with the entire world was pulling for Serena to have the story book ending and win her 24th title and tie the world record.  However, Serena had a bad day while Kerber had an amazing match and the story book ending was not to be. However, more impressive to me was  Serena’s grace and power which truly embody the four qualities of the Energy Queen.

She is a force of nature with her physical strength; but her ability to discipline herself and get up and train everyday despite pain, and all that comes with being a new mother was a testament to her ability to use mind over matter, to turn her physical strength into  physical power, and battle into the finals.

Having won 23 majors, we know that Serena is mentally strong, but Serena found a way to turn that mental strength into mental power. Despite the taxing physical challenge of a cesarean; post birth complications, and not being match fit, she was able to use her mental power to overcome any physical challenges displaying amazing skill of mind over body.

Serena showed us all what it’s like to turn emotional strength into emotional power.  We could all see and imagine the emotions that were going through her as she had to watch Kerber make her way around all four corners of the court holding her winning trophy.  Yet Serena kept breathing and continued to ground herself and was able to give a most graceful speech and congratulated Kerber and made no excuses during her interviews.

Serena’s final comment solidified for me her ability to magnify spiritual power.  It takes incredible spiritual strength to accomplish all that she did, and at the end, as she teared up, she said “ for all the working mothers out there, I was doing it for you and I tried”  It takes incredible spiritual strength to do our work and for Serena it was her ability to tap into a power greater than herself, so that she could show up and do her work of being a great champion, mother and role model.

Thank you Miss Serena! For being an Energy Queen and inspiring the world!

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