Birds, Bees & Boomers!

Press and Taboo Topics!

Is there a topic that’s off the table for you?  You love talking about the newest exercise craze, the new hot diet, vegan or bust, what’s true yoga, politics with those who share your point of view, Trump, but Sex is off the table.

I received so many comments after appearing on the Today show with Maria Shriver.  The topic was Birds, Bees and Boomers - Sex after 50. Most comments were great, but I was surprised that so many were: “how can you talk about your sex life on national TV?”  And “what did you do to get your husband to agree to that”?

Looking back, I remember getting the phone call asking if would be willing to be interviewed for the segment. I thought about it, and had an immediate Full Body YES, even before I asked my husband John if he was willing.  I had a YES, because I honestly feel that there is not one topic that I cannot talk about in public or with my intimate friends. I believe that if I am speaking from my place of ‘inarguable truth’ and sharing my authentic feelings, then I am being genuine and real.  I often return to this practice or tool that I learned and embody it daily. My teacher calls it “Presencing”. The way it works is you tap into your body sensation, feelings and thought. You can try it anytime and use it as tool to know and understand your state; to feel for your YES and your NO and to speak from a place of authenticity, truth and realness.  

  • What's the body sensation:  Where do you feel energy moving through you ? Is there any tightness, or do you feel closed off anywhere?  Any buzzing? Any movement?

  • Feeling:  What is the Emotion or Energy in motion that you are experiencing?  Do you experience joy, or lightness and exhilaration? Is there a knot in your stomach and a closing off in your throat? Feel nervous or angry?  Are you feeling down like energy in your heart, feeling teary and emotional? Is there anger? Feel heat around your eyes head, throat and eyes? What information are these feelings giving you? Does your energy go up or down?  

  • Thought -  What’s the tape that is playing in your head?  The story that you are creating or recalling? Who/what wants to be expressed?  What is your desire?

Using these three tools can help us know, speak, act and be in a place of authenticity.  So for me it was easy to speak on National TV about my sex life because I was able to speak truthfully about my experience,  my genuine feelings and I hope it was of service.

Watch the interview here: