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Ignite! Create! Inspire!

Every day is a reminder that life is constantly changing; sometimes it feels right, sometimes it feels not-right-at all. In either case, we need to integrate and strive to move forward in a meaningful way. As yogis, we know that a rich yoga practice provides us with important tools to guide that integration and teach us how to walk in the world. This practice has the power to ignite our deepest knowing, helps us to wake up and be present as a creator, allows us to explore habits, patterns, and personas, and challenges us to question who we are in order to discover our genius and purpose.

Do YOU want to deepen your practice? 
Do YOU desire to inspire others to show up as their best self? 
Do YOU want to grow, transform, and move toward your highest potential? 
Do YOU want to lead a yoga class from your authentic voice?

If you answered yes to any of the above - this 200 Hr. Immersion/ Yoga Teacher Training Program is for you

This deep, comprehensive teacher training program is designed to enable you to evolve and claim your desire to to show up as your best self. Together we will dig deep into the 8-limb path of yoga and use its jewels to shine a light within; uncover our personas and stories; unite our body, mind and spirit; rouse our courage to be fully present in the moment, conscious, awake, flexible and compassionate. Breath-by-breath, step-by-step.

This program consists of 2 modules, each one an all-inclusive week-long retreat

Module 1 is open to any committed student of yoga who wishes to deepen their knowledge of yoga history and philosophy, grow in self-awareness through conscious leadership training, and elevate their personal practice.

Module 2 will build on the work from module 1, but will also provide critical instruction for successful teaching of yoga to diverse student populations.

At the completion of both multi-faceted modules, you will have earned a complete 200-hour Yoga-Alliance certified teacher certificate if that is your intention. However, an option for immersion-only participation is also available. If you are curious, deeply passionate about yoga, and strive to learn about who you are and how you can grow authentically, join us on this transformative journey.

You will:

  • Be a part of a community of dedicated students who are committed to cultivate, learn and grow from themselves and each other. Learn how to meditate and develop self-awareness.
  • Learn the story and foundation of the 6,000-year-old traditional discipline of yoga and how to incorporate the eight limbs into your modern life and into your teaching. Build a firm foundation in your own yoga practice to become an inspiring yoga teacher.
  • Study a variety of yoga styles involving both structural alignment and breath-synchronized movement and learn how to artfully combine them into intelligent sequencing.
  • Understand the energetic effects of asana, pranayama, bandha, meditation and the basic principles of Ayurveda. Understand anatomy of the physical and subtle bodies.
  • Become connected with yourself and others through Conscious Leadership tools, a contemporary approach deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional yoga. Rid yourself of habitual patterns and personas, and create a healthy, balanced state and restore energy.
  • Receive mentoring, coaching and ongoing support.
  • Gain insight into the ethics of teaching yoga. Learn how to market yourself as a yoga teacher; understand common yoga financial agreements and insurance; and build healthy business relations.



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YOGA HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY:  Christopher “Hareesh” Wallis, PhD  With degrees in Indian philosophy at three prestigious universities, including Oxford, Berkeley, and Rochester, Hareesh has also received traditional yogic education at āshra sādhana coaching. He is the author of the groundbreaking book, Tantra Illuminated.  Hareesh teaches  meditation, spiritual philosophy, Sanskrit, and mantra-science.

YOGA NIDRA - BANDHAS -KRIYAS- Julia Ruocco - After 15 years of practice Julia journeyed to India to train with Mark Ansari in the Ashtanga lineage. Julia loves to fuse her classes with breath inspired flow, strengthening holds, tantric philosophy, and kundalini inspired breath work. With over 3000 teaching hours Julia continues to share what she finds to be the most important aspect of teaching yoga, honoring the sacred lineage and making it accessible to all.



ANATOMY- Bryan Haig, MSPT-   Director of Physical Therapy, received his Master's Degree from Long Island University in 1998. He is also a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner, a method used by doctors treating injuries on professional and Olympic athletes.




Be Open Minded - Think critically and consider concepts that are different from previous trainings such as: there is no right or wrong way to teach and every student is different.

Learn - The science of yoga, asana, pranayama, anatomy and sequencing; study practical anatomy in motion for yoga (physical & subtle bodies), yoga philosophy & history, creative sequencing, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, one-on-one sessions and the business of yoga.

Discover your Inner Leader: Bring your energy and your questions. Come laugh, cry, sweat, find your strength, your passion and your gifts, as you connect with yourself and an amazing group of like-minded people.

Engage physically and mentally: Practice and teach yoga daily, practice meditation and pranayama daily, complete outside homework assignments, learn how to teach to every body and to trust that every student is capable and worthy of physical, mental and spiritual challenge.

Prerequisite: Minimum of 1 year of a consistent yoga practice.



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