Creating more fun, focused and interactive conferences and events through speaking, physical activity breaks, and mindfulness moments.

Your next event is around the corner, and you want this event to be better than the last. But, there’s a hiccup in the plan – you have no idea how to get people engaged, having fun, and connecting to one another.

You’re tired of having boring events that are unmemorable, unmotivating, and unfocused. You don’t want to leave people in their seats all day, wishing your event was over already.

You want people jumping out of their seats with excitement, not falling asleep and texting in them.

Imagine having an event where your audience is having the time of their life, focusing on your message, engaged with your content, and building a connection that will last a lifetime.

Let’s face it… Most events are unsuccessful because they’re missing the key components:

  • Physical activity breaks that keep them energized, focused, and learning and absorbing.

  • Fun interactive live activities where they are connecting with one another and the subject.

  • Takeaways that are immediately applicable relatable and personal that people can take with them after the event.

  • Taking care of the crowd. Your participants will be ready to hear you when you allow someone else to get them primed and ready for your message.

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Hi, I’m Romy

I’m an energy queen, transformational trainer and coach, motivational speaker, and yoga teacher.

I am here to help you bring create fun, focused and unforgettable events where your clients or participants will recharge, improve focus, and increase energy levels at your next event. I have has extensive experience at designing fun, interactive, and unique physical activity, mindfulness and yoga breaks that enliven attendees right in their meeting rooms. Sessions are adapted to your setting and can range from as little as 5 minutes to longer than 30 minutes and be tailored to incorporate your mission statement or corporation’s vision. These activity breaks are for all types of clients, abilities and experience yet are a great means of introducing participants to the rejuvenating benefits of yoga, mindfulness and physical activity. Each Break will include easy to perform stretches, both seated and standing, breathe-work, and mindfulness exercises that leave participants refreshed and energized right at their seats and require no special clothing or props.



For physical training is of some value, but Godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present and the life to come.
— 1st Timothy 4:8


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