Romy will make you love yoga over and over again..
— Debora Lapointe
Romy is one of my main teachers. She’s thoroughly trained and inspiring—I couldn’t recommend her classes highly enough.

— Elizabeth Choy Moorman
Romy is an excellent yoga instructor. Not only are her classes physically beneficial but they are also mentally fulfilling leaving one with a sense of lightness, purpose and contentment. Namaste.
— Joan Leibfreid
Romy teaches the full, 8-Limb path of Yoga. In my 15 yrs of practice, she’s the best teacher I’ve found.
—  David Morhaim
A bright, seasoned, intuitive and strong teacher/woman, Romy’s classes are full of love, encouragement, challenge and spirituality; enlivening and enlightening for the mind and body.

— Renee Weisinger
Romy delivers an empowering message at each class while challenging your body. I always leave feeling stronger in mind, body and spirit. So happy to have yoga back in my life...thank you Romy! Namaste.
— Beth DeBlasio Kearns
Romy’s classes are intuitive, informative, and challenging. I always leave feeling wiser, more flexible in mind, body, and spirit, and sweaty!
— Lisa Houston