Romy is an unusually bright star. Her way, which is a wonderful combination of kindness and dynamism, inspires movement in areas of the body and also life that have become too flat and unnoticed. She is a force of Nature with the ability to also communicate human ideas and practicalities effectively.
— Christopher Jones
In twenty + plus years of taking yoga, no teacher has ever reached the level of magic that Romy delivers in her teaching. She reaches your soul while simultaneously giving the best yoga class you’ll ever have!
— Colleen Woods
Romy’s class was like an exquisite and carefully crafted meal at a really incredible restaurant - with many different layers and offerings all building on each other and flowing into each other to create a truly special 5 star experience. The theming, the music, the learning, the breath work, the asana, and the chanting all creating such a complete and satisfying bull body, mind and spirit community experience. The combination of offering a challenging practice while weaving in instructions for self-care is such a gift, as is Romy’s charismatic spirit and full body mind presence with the students. These full, rich complete classes are such a rarity.
— Mary Fraser