Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

The story and tradition of Passover is  grounded in the message of hope and deliverance.  This yearly celebration reminds us of  a time when Jews moved from oppression and slavery to freedom and liberation.  They were able to shift from a place of indignity to dignity; from marginalization to ability to live from within.  

Passover brings a message of hope as families gather to recite, remember and share in detail the true story of liberation.  

Easter is a sacred time when Christians honor the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Christians typically spend the 40 days of Lent committed to some kind of practice that helps them remember Christ's sacrifices, embody His qualities and to follow in His footsteps.

Jews, Christians, Yogis and all beings can benefit from the the Passover and Easter traditions by committing to awakening anew to the presence of Divine infinite consciousness.  All of us can bring on empathy and love, and grow in awareness of Divine joy within our soul.  We can use the limb of "Pratyahara" or Turning Inward, to go within.  We can choose to nourish by meditation our relationship with the Divine, and to practice Christ’s way of kindness, forgiveness and loving service to all.  We can use these teachings to study where in our modern day lives are people enslaved, marginalized and where we may be enslaving ourselves by our stories, habits and beliefs.  

Paramahansa Yogananda said:  “The love that most persons feel for dearest family and friends, Jesus felt for the whole world and every living being and that It was this all-embracing love that motivated Christ to willingly lay down his life for the welfare of others."

AND NOW THE PRACTICE BEGINS for the modern Yogi to cultivate daily acts of acts of love, compassion, strength, humility and kindness daily. Breath-by-breath!  Step-by-step!